“Supporting recovery through exercise for people

living with and beyond cancer” 




Physical activity and maintaining a healthy weight help in the prevention of cancer. Evidence is now supporting the role of exercise before, during and after cancer treatment and also in patients with advanced cancer. Cancer and its treatment can leave you feeling exhausted, making the thought of exercise overwhelming and difficult. A  structured exercise plan can be used to improve physical function and psychological well being as well as to reduce cancer related fatigue.


Canrecover provides bespoke cancer rehabilitation for those living with and beyond cancer. Sessions will take place in the comfort and security of your own home. Utilising our extensive knowledge of cancer and personal training the two are combined to develop a fun, energising and progressive way to exercise to help deal with the consequences of cancer treatment and increase quality of life. Canrecover keeps physical activity and exercise safe, effective, personalised and fun for you leaving you feeling energised not exhausted.


In short, we care. Canrecover will assist you to obtain optimal physical functioning within the limits set by your cancer and its treatment. We will offer you support, motivation and encouragement throughout your cancer journey to help you achieve your goals and increase your quality of life.